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Suncoast Anime Day
I didn't think it could blow so much.
I went in there to check it out around 1pm. And there was absolutely no one there. Mall is open. They should have events going on all day. They just had the costume contest and that was it. I was so shocked.
So... I walked in and immediately was attacked by this worker and I really felt as if I was being talked down to. She was smiling and everything but she knew how to treat people like crap with out seeming like it. As I walked around the store I noticed she was mentioning to every single customer about the anime sale -only- and the cosplay contest.
Now.... There's a huge clearance sale going on. Personally, that would be my selling point to people. So before the people get to look around she tells them about everything. Excluding the clearance sale of course.

I was so frustrated that they aren't really running an event, just a cosplay contest. This store is a lot smaller than mine was, but still. I feel like by them not running a full event they're missing out on more sales that could be possible.
There weren't any anime kids that I saw around the mall until about a half an hour before hand. Which also made me realize we helped other stores get sale those days too. Especially in the food court.
So I ended up leaving out of sheer boredom before the cosplay contest started. I can only imagine how it was run.
I don't think I will be going back unless I feel like shopping. I have to be honest. That first girl I saw there scared me off from ever coming back again. Ever.

The positives though. There were some girls that had super wigs! And I got to ask them where they got them. So yay! Cosplay wigs in super quality!

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I actually went to one of the cosplay events with Brendan and Russ a while back. They went as Mario and Luigi, and I went as Dawn from Pokemon. It really pissed me off because we three actually put our costumes together ourselves and made parts of them, but the person that got first place was some guy who obviously ordered a costume off of eBay.

When the judges came by me, they asked who I was supposed to be. I said "I'm Dawn from Pokemon D/P." One of them just immediately dismissed me and said "Oh, well I don't know who that is." The other judge looked at the first girl's score and said "But I think she actually made her costume." First girl was all "Oh well."

Yea. Not so much because I think I should have won, but that first girl was too quick to just blow people off because they weren't dressed as Bleach or Naruto people. Buh.

Now it's all about Hetelia and omg. everyone. I hate it. There was one girl (one of the wig girls) who made her cosplay and looked super. So I hope she won.

When I judged at mine it was me, Natalie, and one other random person we picked every time.
We'd take pictures of all of them with one of the moms and we'd go through her camera going over the costumes.
We went for originality, construction.... and some other stuff but I forget. XD We'd look through the manga and the anime covers if we didn't know who they were or used Edie's(the anime mom) internets and looked.

We had drawing contests, video game tournament, dance contest, trivia every hour, and cold ramune. Which sold like crazy.

.....I think event management is definitely for me.... XD

Yea, that sounds a lot better than the FWIN one.

And OMG, I saw plushies of that anime a while ago. I thought the store just had anime versions of countries and thought it was cool :x Couldn't find Uhhhhmerrrrrka though.

Mannnnn it drives me nuts. I almost want the Narutards back.

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