The bike purrs smoothly, doesn't it?


No. I'm alive.
Well, I'm actually doing well in school. Like. I keep getting better at the school work business.
I think I'm going to set up an appointment with someone so I can take Japanese at IPFW. woot. easy easy.
I've lost train of thought thanks to Kuu. Nothing sweeter in life than the rock version of Blingx3.

So yeah
It's like there's so much to update on but it's just madness to me to put it in words right now.
My mind has switched to Kumi mode and Maiko/Fuko mode. You guys. I have nothing for you.
Oh but I am starting low carb. Feel much better without them and (well with less of them) and ...
I wonder if I could join peer educators? .... XD BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE TIME.... Fuck. So much I want to do and I can't.

I have eating right, exercising, tumbling, school, work, animal time, music time, health and beauty time and a fucking social life and obligations to friends.
I'm tired. But how come I still have free time? :/ This should be fixed with a more solid schedule.

I, myself, am fairly snarky. I talk shit about people, mostly people as a group though, I think.
I feel sad when I see people picking on an actual person though. I used to love it. It used to bring me some sense of satisfaction to see others get ripped apart by the anon's of the internet world.
But lately, I'm just sad. (I've grown up really). It's sad to see my friends making fun of a single person that maybe put themselves out there. It's brave to go on YouTube anymore because there will always be haters. The more people that like you there will surely be twice as many who don't, just BECAUSE.
I get nothing out of making fun of cosplayers anymore. I hate to see poorly executed cosplay, but bfd. They tried. Good for them.

I'm wrong because of how I snark on fandoms. But I do. (Fucking Kpop fandom. New to Japanese music fandom but think they know the world. I fucking hate those people). I'm not claiming to know everything about the fandom myself, personally, I have a life outside of it.

Everyone gets snarky, but really, it's it so fucking hard to respect others? I know, it's the internet. But some people will take all the negativity that's thrown at them on the internet, because, let's say, they're a teen girl. They'll take that and that's what they'll think about themselves.
I was a young girl with no friends except on the internet. If anyone had said these things about me (or if I would have found out about them since I heard people gave me shit for being the crying girl) I would have put it towards self harm. Because as a teen girl, with all of those emotions and the internet being all I had, what people said on the internet would hurt me. Those are the only people I talk to. Those people don't like me so what is there to like about myself.

Just... Ranting a little. Please think of this before you start throwing snark.

Suncoast Anime Day
I didn't think it could blow so much.
I went in there to check it out around 1pm. And there was absolutely no one there. Mall is open. They should have events going on all day. They just had the costume contest and that was it. I was so shocked.
So... I walked in and immediately was attacked by this worker and I really felt as if I was being talked down to. She was smiling and everything but she knew how to treat people like crap with out seeming like it. As I walked around the store I noticed she was mentioning to every single customer about the anime sale -only- and the cosplay contest.
Now.... There's a huge clearance sale going on. Personally, that would be my selling point to people. So before the people get to look around she tells them about everything. Excluding the clearance sale of course.

I was so frustrated that they aren't really running an event, just a cosplay contest. This store is a lot smaller than mine was, but still. I feel like by them not running a full event they're missing out on more sales that could be possible.
There weren't any anime kids that I saw around the mall until about a half an hour before hand. Which also made me realize we helped other stores get sale those days too. Especially in the food court.
So I ended up leaving out of sheer boredom before the cosplay contest started. I can only imagine how it was run.
I don't think I will be going back unless I feel like shopping. I have to be honest. That first girl I saw there scared me off from ever coming back again. Ever.

The positives though. There were some girls that had super wigs! And I got to ask them where they got them. So yay! Cosplay wigs in super quality!

Things for sale~! All proceeds will go to Red Cross for Japan
J-rock and Pop things for sale~!Collapse )

Mostly everything is at that price or best offer. I'll ship to anywhere as long as shipping and handling is paid. <3

Leave a message here or email me at
Paypal only.

I will take offers. Doesn't even have to be best. Just remember this is all going to Red Cross for victims in Japan.

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Saturday I will be packing my computer up. D:

w00t. D:

My new layout is boss. I'm not a HUGE Namie fan but I like her and I LOVE this shoot. It was made by arwenchan. I loves it

Makes me laugh. And I need it.

Watch it. D: Just.... do it.

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Mir... downloaded my yahoo again. D: Same name as this one. arlequincircus nyahah D: Add me.

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