The bike purrs smoothly, doesn't it?


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No. I'm alive.
Well, I'm actually doing well in school. Like. I keep getting better at the school work business.
I think I'm going to set up an appointment with someone so I can take Japanese at IPFW. woot. easy easy.
I've lost train of thought thanks to Kuu. Nothing sweeter in life than the rock version of Blingx3.

So yeah
It's like there's so much to update on but it's just madness to me to put it in words right now.
My mind has switched to Kumi mode and Maiko/Fuko mode. You guys. I have nothing for you.
Oh but I am starting low carb. Feel much better without them and (well with less of them) and ...
I wonder if I could join peer educators? .... XD BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE TIME.... Fuck. So much I want to do and I can't.

I have eating right, exercising, tumbling, school, work, animal time, music time, health and beauty time and a fucking social life and obligations to friends.
I'm tired. But how come I still have free time? :/ This should be fixed with a more solid schedule.


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