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I, myself, am fairly snarky. I talk shit about people, mostly people as a group though, I think.
I feel sad when I see people picking on an actual person though. I used to love it. It used to bring me some sense of satisfaction to see others get ripped apart by the anon's of the internet world.
But lately, I'm just sad. (I've grown up really). It's sad to see my friends making fun of a single person that maybe put themselves out there. It's brave to go on YouTube anymore because there will always be haters. The more people that like you there will surely be twice as many who don't, just BECAUSE.
I get nothing out of making fun of cosplayers anymore. I hate to see poorly executed cosplay, but bfd. They tried. Good for them.

I'm wrong because of how I snark on fandoms. But I do. (Fucking Kpop fandom. New to Japanese music fandom but think they know the world. I fucking hate those people). I'm not claiming to know everything about the fandom myself, personally, I have a life outside of it.

Everyone gets snarky, but really, it's it so fucking hard to respect others? I know, it's the internet. But some people will take all the negativity that's thrown at them on the internet, because, let's say, they're a teen girl. They'll take that and that's what they'll think about themselves.
I was a young girl with no friends except on the internet. If anyone had said these things about me (or if I would have found out about them since I heard people gave me shit for being the crying girl) I would have put it towards self harm. Because as a teen girl, with all of those emotions and the internet being all I had, what people said on the internet would hurt me. Those are the only people I talk to. Those people don't like me so what is there to like about myself.

Just... Ranting a little. Please think of this before you start throwing snark.


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